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A few days can make a lasting impact

A few days can make a lasting impact

An O’Reilly conference is an experience like no other. Combining industry leaders with hands-on guidance and education about today’s most important technology topics, we design each event to equip you with the career knowledge you need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. Our events filter out the noise, simplify the complex, and arm you with the knowledge and confidence you need to get ahead… and stay there.

All of our conferences provide:

  • Expert advice, insights, and best practices
  • Opportunities to network with a talented and diverse group of industry peers
  • In-depth, practical training that you can apply right away

…and much more.

Strata Data Conference

Strata Data Conference is where thousands of innovators, leaders, and practitioners gather to develop new skills, share best practices, and discover how tools and technologies are evolving to meet new challenges. Find out how big data, machine learning, and analytics are changing how we do business at Strata Data Conference.

Artificial Intelligence Conference

The AI Conference delivers an unsurpassed depth and breadth in technical content—with a laser-sharp focus on the most important AI developments for business. From apps and reinforcement learning to conversational interfaces and executive briefings, learn how to implement AI in real-world projects using machine learning, NLP, Tensorflow, and more. Delve into the latest research and explore what the future holds for applied artificial intelligence engineering.

Velocity Conference

Join system engineers, SREs, DevOps, and other talented practitioners from diverse backgrounds at Velocity to explore topics related to building and maintaining complex systems, site reliability engineering, infrastructure as code, chaos engineering, and more. From automation and continuous delivery to resilience and security, thought-provoking and deeply technical sessions will help you maintain the fastest and most durable systems.

Open Source Software Conference

OSCON brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things with open source technologies. Explore the latest tools and technologies, get expert in-depth training in crucial languages, frameworks, and best practices, and get exposure to the open source stack in all possible configurations. Whether you're improving your command of a language, exploring new technologies, or getting tips to enhance your productivity, your time at OSCON will make you better at what you do.

TensorFlow World

TensorFlow is powering the machine learning revolution, encompassing many platforms and programming languages in industry, education, and research. See how TensorFlow is driving today’s powerful neural networks and explore the latest developments in this fast-moving and expansive open source ecosystem at the first TensorFlow World, co-presented by O’Reilly Media and TensorFlow.

Software Architecture Conference

Learn to design, build, and improve the architectures that are the foundation of all modern software systems at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference. Software architectures are evolving and expanding--you'll discover new skills, approaches, and technologies, and hear lessons learned from the trenches. Whether you're a veteran or aspiring software architect, engineer, or senior developer, you'll find out how to turn theory into practice across a wide variety of important, timely, and cutting-edge topics.

There is no better place to imbibe the most up-to-date tech zeitgeist than at an O’Reilly Media event…
Gil Press, Forbes

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